Number of listings: 22

Hulse Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 2JW, United Kingdom
4Room Type
Invitation polite, free mobile phone card free call feebill includedcinemasWIFIThere is a floor plan
£127From /week
40A-42A London Road, Southampton, England SO15 2AG
4Room Type
No Service FeePrivate bathroomSold outno depositbill includedeasy cancellationgymcinemas
£134From /week
63 St. Marys Road, Bevois, Southampton, SO14 0NW, United Kingdom
5Room Type
Private bathroombill includedgym
£143From /week
DormitoryAusten House
Back of the Walls, Bargate, Southampton, SO14 3AU, United Kingdom
7Room Type
bill includedeasy cancellationcinemasWIFIPrivate bathroom
£139From /week
DormitoryHamwic Hall
Cook Street, Southampton, SO14 1YA
3Room Type
bill included
£155From /week
Bassett Green Road, Bassett,
3Room Type
No Service Feeno depositbill includedeasy cancellationWIFIThere is a floor plan
£132From /week
DormitoryEmily Davies
1 Fitzhugh St, Southampton, England SO15 2PU
2Room Type
no depositbill includedeasy cancellation24H securitygymcinemas
£157From /week
DormitoryQueens Gate
Queen Terrace, Seaton, Hartlepool, TS25 1BE, United Kingdom
5Room Type
No Broker FeeParcel collectionParking spaceSea-view roomBills includedno depositbill includedeasy cancellationgymWIFI
£152From /week
Cumberland Place, Bargate, Southampton, SO15 2BG, United Kingdom
3Room Type
No Broker FeeDual occupancy(Paid)Parcel collectionGymBills includedbill includedeasy cancellation24H securitygymWIFI
£188From /week
DormitoryMarland House
Windsor Terrace, Bargate, Southampton, SO14 7BN, United Kingdom
9Room Type
No Broker FeeDual occupancy(Paid)Parcel collectionGymBills includedno depositbill includedeasy cancellationgymWIFI
£212From /week
5Room Type
No Service FeeSold outno depositbill includedeasy cancellationgymWIFIPrivate bathroomThere is a floor plan
£220From /week
DormitoryCapital House
1 Houndwell Place, Bargate, Southampton, SO14 1BT, United Kingdom
8Room Type
bill includedgymcinemasThere is a floor planVR
£147From /week
2 Mayfield Rd, Southampton SO17 3SX, UK
14Room Type
No Broker FeeDual occupancy(Paid)Parcel collectionShort-stay availableGymno depositFlexible starting datebill included24H securitygym
£182From /week
DormitoryVincent Place
Vincents Walk, Bargate, Southampton, SO14 1JY, United Kingdom
12Room Type
No Service FeeFree dual occupancyParcel collectionGymBills includedbill includedeasy cancellationgym
£229From /week
DormitoryHigh Street
Heating Station, 12 High St, Southampton SO14, UK
9Room Type
No Service FeeDual occupancy(Paid)Parcel collectionGymView Live Streambill includedeasy cancellationgymcinemasPrivate bathroom
£250From /week