Number of listings: 43

DormitoryRadford Mill
150 Ilkeston Road, Nottingham, England NG7 3PB
8Room Type
No Service Feebill includedgymcinemasWIFI
£120From /week
Castle, Nottingham, City Of Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
11Room Type
No Service FeeParcel collectionBills includedReferral PromotionIn city centerbill includedeasy cancellation
£129From /week
Union Road
7Room Type
No Service FeeSupport short - term rental, free mobile phone card free call feebill includedeasy cancellationThere is a floor plan
£129From /week
Landcroft Ln, Nottingham, England LE12 5PD
8Room Type
No Service Feebill included24H securitygymVR
£110From /week
DormitoryRussell View
70 Russell Street, Nottingham, NG7 4FE
2Room Type
bill includedlearning
£165From /week
14-22 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AW, UK
4Room Type
No Service FeeBills includedbill includedeasy cancellationPrivate bathroomVR
£165From /week
DormitoryRadford House
200 Radford Blvd, Nottingham, England NG7 5BA
3Room Type
No Service Fee
£169From /week
260 Huntingdon St, Nottingham NG1 3NB, UK
14Room Type
No Service Feebill includedeasy cancellationgymyoga roomPrivate bathroom
£170From /week
City Link, Nottingham NG2 4LA, UK
9Room Type
No Service Feebill included
£167From /week
10 Traffic Street, Nottingham, England NG2 1NE
15Room Type
No Service FeePackage bill WiFieasy cancellationgymcinemas
£164From /week
DormitoryIQ Exchange
143 Lower Parliament Street, St. Ann's, Nottingham, NG1 1EF, United Kingdom
12Room Type
No Service FeeExclusiveNo Broker FeeFree dual occupancyView Live StreamParcel collectionbill includedeasy cancellationVRvideo
£154From /week
North Church Street, St. Ann's, Nottingham, NG1 4BA, United Kingdom
3Room Type
No Service FeeFree dual occupancyParcel collectionBills included24 hour Cooling Period after Accepted Offerbill includedeasy cancellation
£169From /week
DormitoryThe Place
33 Queen's Road, Nottingham, England NG2 3BE
10Room Type
No Service Feebill includedeasy cancellationgymPrivate bathroom
£159From /week
1 HOCKLEY, Nottingham, England NG1 1FG
4Room Type
No Service Feebill includedeasy cancellationgym
£175From /week
32 Russell Street
3Room Type
No Service FeeParcel collectionCinemaBills includedbill includedcinemasRefrigeratorWIFIPrivate bathroomThere is a floor plan
£181From /week