About Us

Awehome is a global long-term rental sharing booking platform wwwawehomecom, starting in 2016, which is a Sino-Australian joint venture holding group limited company The founding team is mainly composed of returnee doctors, dedicated to creating a professional, global and intelligent overseas study and Chinese long-term rental booking platform Collect good homes, gather good homes!

Awehome provides users with services such as student apartment reservations and brand apartment reservations The housing resources are spread across 14 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc, with more than 500 popular cities, and more than 1 million quality rental housing The platform provides VR video viewing Professional returnees consultants provide you with intimate services from student apartments to brand apartments, so that you can find your favorite housing without leaving home

Awehome,Just Awesome Home!

The platform is free of intermediaries and can be directly connected to the landlord, making it a decentralized "real platform" With core technologies such as intelligent recommendation algorithms, VR viewing, cross-border payments and blockchain, and the platform model of "massive property sharing for direct rental, real property online matching and matching, and cross-border booking platform guarantee", it effectively solves the pain points of low Internet informationization of overseas long-term rental apartments, lack of C2C booking platforms, difficulty in guaranteeing the authenticity of properties, and low efficiency of two-way services It truly improves user experience from both landlords and tenants, making renting as simple as in China

Awehome has covered major overseas study countries, serving more than 250,000 tenants and 100,000 landlords, covering more than 650 overseas universities, providing more than 1 million beds and school district housing resources

Awehome's vision: To be a one-stop global online platform for overseas Chinese and international students to rent homes and access living services, driven by big data and core algorithms

Awehome's mission: To make a beautiful life without borders

Awehome's service concept: Awehome, Awesome Home!

Awehome's slogan: Rent quickly, rent well, good and fast