Awehome Home Website Agreement

Special Statement

Welcome to Awehome, the one-stop home platform!

When using the Awehome Collect Home Platform, you should carefully read and abide by the "Awehome Collect Home Website Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"), which is a legally binding agreement between you and Awehome Collect Home. It applies to you when registering an Awehome Collect Home account and using the Awehome Collect Home platform or using the Awehome Collect Home platform directly without registering. The main contents of this Agreement are service statement, privacy agreement, payment agreement and disclaimer. Please read it carefully and fully understand the contents of this Agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you should immediately stop using the Awehome Home Collection Platform; if you continue to visit and use the Awehome Home Collection Platform, it shall be deemed that you have confirmed that you know and fully agree to the contents of this agreement.

Service Statement

Awehome Collection Home Platform provides rental booking services for overseas students and their parents through the Awehome Collection Home Platform.

When you register and use an Awehome account, Awehome will need you to provide your information or collect your information from third-party platforms with your permission. You must ensure that your information is true. Awehome will not be liable for any problems or consequences caused by your providing of inaccurate information.

You must keep your Awehome Jiahao Home account safe. If your Awehome Jiahao Home account is lost due to password leakage or you voluntarily tell the third party the Awehome Jiahao Home account password, resulting in your loss, Awehome Jiahao Home will not bear any responsibility.

Awehome takes information security seriously and stipulates that service personnel and staff cannot request users to provide various passwords, including bank card passwords, various website login passwords, or various SMS verification codes, at any time and in any place by any means. If you encounter such an event, please do not believe it. If you suffer losses due to this, Awehome will not be liable.

When you have the following behaviors, Awehome Jiahao Home has the right to unilaterally terminate or interrupt the services provided to you without notice. (1) The information you provide is not true. (2) You have violated the Awehome Jiahao Home Website Agreement.

In order to better serve users, Awehome needs to regularly or irregularly maintain or repair the platform or related devices that provide network services. If such circumstances cause the Awehome platform service to be interrupted within a reasonable time and affect your use, Awehome will not be liable for this, but should give prior notice as much as possible.

You should not copy or store any text, audio and video on the Awehome collection platform in any form or medium when using the Awehome collection platform to avoid infringement of intellectual property rights. If you have any infringement, Awehome collection has the right to take all reasonable action or necessary legal action. If you find that any material on the Awehome collection platform infringes your intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of the institution or organization you belong to, you have the right to provide sufficient evidence, contact Awehome collection for communication or claim compensation.

Privacy Policy

When you use the Awehome platform, Awehome will collect your personal information and store it in its database with your permission. Awehome and you will jointly hold your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.

When you register to use an Awehome Landlord/Student Representative account, you are by default allowing Awehome to display some of your information (mainly including property information and contact information) to tenants (mainly including students and parents) on the Awehome platform.

3. Awehome will disclose your personal information to special institutions such as the government, public security, courts, etc. when it complies with the explicit provisions of the law or the Awehome Website Agreement.

Awehome has the right to provide your personal information to third parties in order to protect Awehome's rights or property, to protect the safety of Awehome employees, Awehome products, Awehome services, and the public in emergency situations.

Awehome reserves the right to disclose user personal information when force majeure events occur.

In addition to the above, Awehome Good Home guarantees that it will not disclose any personal information of its users to any third parties and/or any other users.

If you choose to share your personal information with others, including but not limited to sharing passwords and any other personal information with third-party websites, Awehome Jiahao will not be liable for any infringement of your privacy rights in such cases.

Payment Agreement

When you register an Awehome account and use the Awehome platform to book a property, it is defaulted to allow Awehome to collect the deposit (or security deposit) and defaulted to allow Awehome to pay the deposit (or security deposit) to the landlord on your behalf.

The entire rental period's rent and deposit should be determined and collected by the landlord. Awehome needs both you and the landlord to agree in order for us to collect the rent or deposit on your behalf and pay the deposit or deposit to the landlord on your behalf.

After you have completed your reservation on the Awehome platform, for rental cancellation and refund during the rental period, you should abide by the provisions of the lease agreement you signed with the landlord.

After you have completed the booking on the Awehome platform, for the rental period, you should cancel the rent and refund according to the agreement with the landlord if you have a rental agreement; if you do not have a rental agreement, you should follow the terms and conditions of Awehome to cancel the rent and refund.

After you have completed your booking on the Awehome platform, the parties signing the rental agreement contract are you and the landlord. You have the responsibility to carefully read each item on the rental agreement contract before signing, and after signing, it will be executed according to the rental agreement contract.

Given Awehome's global nature, the currency unit displayed on the website may vary depending on your geographical location. The exchange rate provided on the website is sourced from multiple public information sources and is for reference only. The accuracy of the exchange rate has not been verified, so the actual rent may differ from the price displayed on the website.

As Awehome is a global platform and the exchange rates of different countries are changing in real time, the exchange rate used on Awehome should be based on Awehome's platform. The exchange rate on Awehome's platform is provided by Nowapi and is updated in real time for your convenience.


All messages and comments on the Awehome platform only represent the personal opinions of users, and do not represent the platform's support or agreement with user messages and comments. Awehome is not legally responsible for any offensive or insulting messages posted by users. Any offensive or insulting comments will be dealt with by Awehome in the first instance.

When users post third-party information such as text, pictures, audio, video, and posts on the Awehome platform, they must obtain third-party authorization, otherwise it is only the user's personal behavior and Awehome does not assume any responsibility. At the same time, if the third party finds such information, please contact Awehome in time to handle it.

When government authorities require the disclosure of personal data in accordance with legal procedures, Awehome will cooperate and provide personal data according to the requirements of the enforcement unit or for the purpose of public safety. In this case, Awehome will not assume any responsibility for any disclosure.

4. Awehome Jiahao Home shall not be liable for any leakage or loss of personal data caused by the user saving the Awehome Jiahao Home account in his/her personal computer and sharing it with third parties.

If users link to other websites from Awehome's platform of friendly links or user-shared links, users should read the relevant agreements of the website carefully and cautiously to avoid personal data leakage or other losses. If such a situation occurs, Awehome will not be held responsible.

For any losses caused by accidents, negligence, defamation, copyright or intellectual property rights issues between users due to the use of the Awehome platform, Awehome shall not be responsible and shall not assume any legal responsibility.

If the user suffers any losses from any links, information, products, or services obtained from the Awehome platform that are not officially indicated, Awehome will not be held responsible.

When using the Awehome platform, users are assumed to have read and fully agreed to all the terms on this page.

The interpretation of the above statement belongs to Shanghai Weiwo Technology Co., Ltd. If there is any relevant interpretation in law, it shall be based on the interpretation of Chinese law. Users of Awehome Collection Platform shall be solely responsible for any consequences arising from their violation of the provisions of this statement, and the company shall not be liable for any responsibility.