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Dormitorydwell MSV
Lower Chatham Street, Deansgate, Manchester, M1 5SX, United Kingdom
13Room Type
No Broker FeeParcel collectionDual occupancy(Paid)GymBills includedbill includedeasy cancellationgymThere is a floor planVR
£135From /week
DormitoryPark View
345 Moss Lane East, Ardwick, Manchester, M14 4LA, United Kingdom
5Room Type
bill includedgymparking areaPrivate bathroomlearning
£145From /week
45 Cromwell Range, Manchester M14 5JR, UK
2Room Type
No Broker Fee2% discount on full paymentBills includedSold outbill includedeasy cancellationRefrigeratorWIFIvideo
£147From /week
DormitoryThe Grafton
60 Grafton St, Manchester M13 9NU, UK
6Room Type
No Broker FeeGymBills includedSold outbill includedeasy cancellationgymVR
£163From /week
Anson Road, Swinton South, Manchester, M27 5GZ, United Kingdom
8Room Type
bill includedparking areaWIFIThere is a floor planvideo
£159From /week
DormitoryMoss Court
Moss Court, 422 Moss Ln E, Manchester M14 4PQ, UK
4Room Type
No Broker FeeMany restaurants downstairsClose to Worldwide Foods Supermarketbill includedWIFIvideo
£180From /week
38-40 Oxney Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5SZ, United Kingdom
2Room Type
bill includedgymparking areaWIFI
£189From /week
DormitoryHeald Court
6 Heald Grove, Moss Side, Manchester, M14 4AP, United Kingdom
2Room Type
bill includedparking area
£194From /week
Cavendish Street
2Room Type
Close to the University of Manchester Campusbill includedWIFI
£205From /week
DormitoryMSV South
357A Great Western Street
3Room Type
No Broker FeeParcel collectionNear the South of UOMThe living area is convenient2% discount on full paymentbill includedeasy cancellationWIFIPrivate bathroom
£210From /week
Seaford Road, Irwell Riverside, Salford, M6 6BA, United Kingdom
6Room Type
No Broker FeeParcel collectionGymBBQ areaView Live Streambill includedeasy cancellationgymWIFIPrivate bathroom
£195From /week
DormitoryAllen Court
1 Cromwell Range, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6FQ, UK
10Room Type
No Broker FeeBills includedCinemaView Live Streamno depositbill includedcinemas
£160From /week
City Edge 30 Ardwick Green South
5Room Type
No Broker Feebill includedWIFIThere is a floor plan
£200From /week
Hyde Grove, Ardwick, Manchester, M13 9LQ, United Kingdom
7Room Type
No Broker FeeDual occupancy(Paid)Parcel collectioncost-effectiveBills includedbill includedWIFIThere is a floor plan
£167From /week
2 Hope Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5ET, United Kingdom
7Room Type
ExclusiveNo Broker FeeParcel collectionNew renovationBBQ areaSold outbill includedeasy cancellationvideo
£195From /week