Scape Redfern

Student apartment
  • Occupancy Group Only for students
  • Management Mode Centralized Management
  • House Management Team Large Apartment Management Companies and Student Apartment Management Companies.
  • Public facilities: Commonly well-equipped public facilities
  • Security System Usually with CCTV surveillance system, security team, access card.
77-123 Eveleigh St, Redfern NSW
Sydney RentalsScape Redfern
Sydney RentalsScape Redfern
Sydney RentalsScape Redfern
Sydney RentalsScape Redfern
Sydney RentalsScape Redfern
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Property Info
House Description
A total of 534 beds will be built in 2021 with a maximum of 21 floors Redferns has studio apartments and shared student housing in Sydney. With a large courtyard and creative space to gather with friends, it is an ideal base for Sydney students. Whether you are studying in a private study area or in the comfort of your own room, our Redferns properties are ideal for students. In terms of changing the check-in date of the contract, if the student needs to change the check-in date for various reasons, each student will only have two chances. He/she needs to email the apartment in advance and indicate the latest check-in date ** The latest modification time is 14 days before check-in Please carefully Check the email and contract sent by the apartment. The time and place of Check in are subject to the documents of the apartment. If you need to check in during non-working hours, please be sure to contact the apartment. Some apartments may need to turn on the water, electricity and Internet in advance. Please contact the apartment in advance according to the regulations. For bookings from September to October 2022: The fixed end date of the half-year lease is 13 February 2023 The fixed end date for the full year term is 10 July 2023 Booking between November and December 2022: The fixed end date of the half-year lease is 10 July 2023 The fixed stop date for the full-year lease term is between 31 December 2023 and 5 February 2024 * For those booked between September and December 2022, the rental price will be the same as for those starting between January and February 2023 For details of room status and rental period, please consult the teacher
Student apartment
There are 534 beds·Built 2021 years ago·The highest 21 floors
Building Wi-Fi
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Public facilities
Cinema room
Games Room
Yoga room
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Security personnel
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Apartment regulations
No Smoking
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Scape RedfernAll Room Types

Screening housing types
Shared Room(1)
Room Features
Private Bathroom(5)
Shared Bathroom(1)
Private Kitchen(4)
Shared Kitchen(2)
Studio: A studio apartment, usually with a separate bathroom and kitchen, similar to a single room in China, with no separate door between the bedroom and kitchen.
En-suite Room type generally refers to a single room with a separate bathroom, and a kitchen and living room facilities that need to be shared with multiple people. One bed for one person.
Shared Room
Multi-person bedroom refers to bedrooms that can accommodate two or more people, with guests sharing their own rest and study space. Bathrooms are usually shared, and kitchens and living rooms are shared by multiple people.
Facility Services
Building Wi-Fi
Public facilities
Cinema room
Games Room
Yoga room
Study hall
Security personnel
Apartment regulations
No Smoking
Fee Details
Rent includes
Tips: Reference only, read your contract carefully to see what is included.
Booking notice
Refund Policy
Cancellation Policy: If you are not admitted to the university or unable to obtain a student visa, you need to contact the apartment at least 14 days in advance and provide relevant proof. The building will make corresponding judgments based on the specific situation. If a refund is applicable, the normal process takes about 30 days. Cancellation Policy Refund Process (a) Despite the provisions in these booking terms and conditions, in order to arrange for the refund of any payments you have made (including deposits), you must first complete and submit a refund form to the apartment management. (Refund forms may be updated periodically). (b) All refunds will be made via bank transfer (or by other means chosen by the apartment management) within the time frame specified by the relevant national laws. If there is no such time frame specified by the national laws, the refund will be made within a reasonable time after the completion and submission of the applicable refund form to the apartment management. 3. Unforeseeable Circumstances (a) We understand that you may be applying for accommodation while waiting for confirmation of school admission or while waiting for the Australian government to issue an Australian student visa. (b) Despite other provisions in the booking terms, if you have paid a deposit and are affected by one of the reasons detailed below: (i) Your Australian student visa application is rejected or not provided by the Australian government; and/or (ii) Any school you applied to did not admit you, in this case, you may request cancellation of the booking in writing: (iii) Your booking will be canceled; (iv) The deposit and all fees paid by you will be fully refunded. (c) To be eligible for a full refund, you must provide to the apartment management: (i) Written proof of the relevant circumstances that meet the refund requirements; (ii) Written notice issued at least 2 weeks before the effective date of the lease agreement; (iii) A properly completed refund form. (d) If you fail to comply with the requirements specified, you will not be eligible for a full refund, and this provision will no longer apply. 4. Cancellations by the Apartment Management At any time before the signing and/or effective date of your lease agreement, if any of the following circumstances occur, the apartment management may (at its discretion, but within the scope permitted by the relevant state laws) cancel your booking: (a) The information provided by you during the booking process is false or misleading; (b) You fail to comply with the requirements in the booking terms and conditions. In this case, within the scope permitted by the relevant national laws, the apartment management may retain the deposit and/or any other payments made by you to the apartment management, without refund.
Property ID42704571
Awehome Guarantee
Free cancellation and full refund if you do not receive your school offer or student visa
From /week
5 points
Translation: 16 reviews
Quality housing
No Service Fee
Parcel collection
New building
Yoga room
Flexible starting date
bill included
easy cancellation
24H security
77-123 Eveleigh St, Redfern NSW
  • University
  • Train Station
  • Public Bus Station
  • Shopping Center
  • Restaurant
  • Pharmacy
  • Landmark
  • Hospitals
  • Cinema
  • Park



  • The University of Sydney

  • Torrance University Ultimo Campus, Australia

  • Sydney College of English

  • UTS

  • Navitas English Sydney Hyde Park

  • La Trobe University Sydney Campus

  • Kent Institute Australia

  • UNSW Art Design

  • Taylors College Sydney

  • Southern Cross University Sydney Campus

  • Sydney Business School University of Wollongong

  • Australian Catholic University North Sydney

  • UNSW

  • International College of Management

  • MQ

  • WSU Parramatta Campus

  • WSU Bankstown Campus

  • WSU Nirimba Campus

  • WSU Penrith Campus

  • WSU Campbelltown Campus

  • Western Sydney Institute

  • WSU Hawkesbury Campus

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